SAP Virtualization and Green IT

Sometimes it is easy being green!

Sometimes it is easy being green!

There was great interest in last week’s SAP Virtualization event (SAP Virtualization Week 2009 page here, the SAP Virtualization homepage on the SAP Community network is here).   As Courtney Bjorlin notes (post here), Green IT has been an SAP priority for a while::

SAP offered an open invitation to any partners or customers who want to join the Green IT community. All they have to do is email for more information.  “From a customer perspective, it’s a great way to become an early adopter of solutions and then to go and deploy those solutions,” said Peter Graf, who was named SAP’s first chief sustainability officer in March.

Courtney quotes Peter further on how virtualization is “easy” green, so to speak…

“For me, the natural first step in green IT is virtualization,” Graf said.  But why deploy these initiatives now? Graf elicited a few chuckles from the crowd when he remarked that even the mention of “green IT” had some participants nodding off. So he focused on a crowd pleaser — cost savings.  Graf put up numbers from an SAP customer that reduced its application servers from 218 to 116, and saved $714,000 on maintenance, $162,000 on facilities, $1,468 on staff and $13,520 on servers — reducing its total costs by 36%.

Virtualization soon will be part of almost every SAP project or program, so read up!

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