Why Germany REALLY got to the semis in Euro2008

Lots of mundane reasons why Germany swamped Portugal (here).  But when my German SAP colleagues saw my son sporting his Michael Ballack jersey before the game, they knew all was well. 

It was nice that Ballack put in the match-winner.  As you can see, Jon was pretty excited as well…

My German colleagues should know that the jersey is ready to go for Wednesday’s game as well.


2 Responses

  1. Does he have something in orange? We (The Netherlands) can use it too! :) Mark my words… Finals: Germany – The Netherlands … the thriller of 1974 over again.

    Hope we win tonight,


  2. Hi Bas,
    No he doesn’t — my German and Brazilian colleagues got him jerseys. My son’s build is a bit more like Wayne Rooney’s so my colleagues in Walldorf got a big kick of seeing this little fire hydrant in a Ballack jersey.

    However, I just had a colleague move to Den Bosch so maybe we can get him proper kit in time!

    A ’74 re-match would be something…that was the first World Cup that I remember well. Good luck tonight…should be a quite a match.


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