Dialogue — 4th “D” for Leading Project Escalations

 “AND to be able to explain it …” — Pericles on leadership

The great Athenian recognized that leadership required mastery of analysis and rhetoric.  As one figures out “What is to be done?”, some explanation and dialogue is inevitable.  But once you know what to do, one must carry the message to the world, and there is a way to deliver bad news.

Rule Number 1 is to save bad news for private meetings.  It just doesn’t make any sense to jump up in a public forum, though I never cease to be amazed by the number of folks who don’t understand that one should never criticize your superiors or their ideas in public. A great and simple tip from ArLyne Diamond from an interview (here) to short-circuit a potential pitfall or misunderstanding is that:

If you learn about the idea in a meeting, try to get the topic tabled with a suggestion that some research about it might be helpful.  Take your boss aside privately and share what you know in a friendly, noncondescending manner

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