Add a little realism to your Halloween treats

Note that it can be used as a disinfectant too!

Note that it can be used as a disinfectant too!

Excellent set of old-timey poison labels is here.  Be sure to check out the antidotes… some sound worse than the cure.
Apparently they go great on cocktail glasses and liquor bottles.  We’re a little more sober these days, but perhaps we can slap a few on our Propel bottles.
Now, I’ve not decided how to use them for Halloween.  I could rig up some nice new labels for our candy, pretzel, and gum stash. 
While I’d bet the kids would get a huge kick out of them, all it would take is one humorless or litigious parent to ruin the fun. 
Hat tip: GMSV

One Response

  1. I like these labels….very vintage! I totally think that putting them on candy is fine, perhaps be sure its very obvious that its a joke. There will always be the “negative nellies” out there that will freak out and think your really trying to poison the kids. I personally, as a mom, always check my kids candy anyway….and something like that I would look at, maybe even open it and see if its a joke. I think I could figure it out…I ain’t all that dumb.

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